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"Mr. Gurske, you are the best. If I could have you or Jimi Hendrix as a guitar teacher, I would choose you!" -Gus Benson, age 10

Learning an instrument requires practice, discipline and effort, but the end goal is to enjoy  creating  music and to be a more fully developed human being. promises customized instruction, which means accommodating individual needs, taking into account personality, learning strengths and interests. We get to know our students and their families well beyond their musical progress! We provide balance of music fundamentals with an open exploration of  ideas.

Areas of Instruction:

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Ongoing lessons mean ongoing success!  That’s why summer music lessons are part of enrollment. For students taking private music lessons, your enrollment in music lessons will be custom billed according to your summer travel schedule  Read more!

Studio vs. in-home instruction

We believe lessons are most effective when offered in a professional studio environment.  Even though in-home lessons seem attractive at first, our experience has been that the home is often full of distractions and interruptions, so the student is often not able to set his or her  frame of mind appropriately for focused learning. Furthermore, most households are often not equipped with the proper chairs, music stands and other tools necessary to achieve comprehensive learning.

Our studio uses WiFi for instant access to online sheet music, listening examples on YouTube, and other computer and internet based resources.  In addition, each teacher has a large collection of instructional materials available to reference at any point in the lesson. Also, with a full band set up, sometimes students can have lessons that include multiple  instruments.

Finally, a studio environment can become a small community. This is one of our core beliefs, that music education can create invaluable community connections by it’s very nature!

When should my child begin private instrument lessons ?

It varies by instrument, and also where the child is at developmentally.  In general, for any instrument, we prefer the child be reading.  Music is a language and as such requires the ability to read and write it.

For more information, read Betsy Gurske’s “Music Readiness” article for Charlotte Parent magazine.


To register, or to find out more information about private lessons, please email or call John Gurske at 704-615-9195.