Jam Bands

Play rock, jazz, blues and other styles with other students your age/skill

Instructors foster teamwork and encourage the unique talents and abilities of individuals to create a fun, yet educational experience. Our goal is not to create “stars”,  but help develop the ability to play music well with others.  As such, learning and understanding music is our primary focus, although many performance opportunities are available throughout the year.

Explore the basics of each rhythm section instrument

Students are taught the function of each rhythm section instrument in song arrangements, and then actually learn to play simple drum beats, piano chords, bass lines and guitar parts.  Understanding the function of each instrument in a song helps facilitate a deeper understanding of how a band works, and helps each member become a more valuable contributor.

Read lead sheets and develop arrangements

Music is a language, so to understand it, you must be literate in it.  Students are required to learn to use lead sheets which out line the the basic parts of the song: melody, lyrics, chord changes and form.  Instructors help students interpret the lead sheet by explaining song structure (form) , intros, outros, solo sections, etc.  Arrangements are tailored to meet the needs of each band’s abilities and interests.

Learn improvisational skills

Improvisation (soloing) is an often overlooked skill (outside of jazz), but can be a tremendous aid in developing overall musicianship. Students are taught basic blues and pentatonic scales, and are encouraged to develop their own solo ideas within in song arrangements.

All instruments welcome. Join anytime!

Contact John Gurske with questions – email or 704-615-9195.