Summer Private Lessons Policy

Ongoing lessons mean ongoing success!  Love of learning, interest in music, and need for quality time doesn’t have an off switch…  even in the summer! For students taking private music lessons, even a few lessons over the summer ensures forward progress and keep students motivated.  Students do not have to spend those first months in the Fall trying to regain lost ground or recover momentum.

If you are a new student, we look forward to working with you to get you started… and you are welcome to join part-way through the summer.

You can upgrade!  Longer lessons, more lessons.  Just let your teacher know that you’d like to put more into your summer so that you get more out of your lessons! Forty five minute or one hour lessons can be great for students.

We’ll hold your spot for Fall.  If you are continuing through the summer with summer lessons, we’ll automatically hold your same school year lesson day/time in our fall schedule.  You will also get first priority 1) if you are a new student who starts in the summer, or 2) if you need to request a different lesson day/time for Fall.