Level 2 (2-3 Year Olds)

Along with an accompanying parent or caregiver, older toddlers 2 and 3 years old meet weekly for a 45-minute class to enjoy singing, moving, listening , interacting socially and playing simple instruments.

Wiggle and Grow encourages your child to uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control and communications skills.

  • Singing, Sound Imitations, and vocalizing fostering language and communication skills.
  • Synchronized movement/Gross and fine motor patterns building brain-body connections
  • Creative movement developing balance, timing and spatial awareness to affirm your child’s desire to move.
  • Active Listening developing auditory focus in a noisy world.
  • Turn-taking encourage blossoming social skills.
  • Exploration Time allows discovery of  instruments, textures, sounds encouraging curiosity and growth mindset.
  • Music & Movement Story Time encourages emergent literacy skills.


Social & Emotional

  • Build special rituals
  • Practice sharing
  • Express emotions
  • Imitate and play with others
  • Participate in circle games


  • Develop routines
  • Engage curiosity and imagination
  • Identify pictures and sounds
  • Clap and tap in time to music


  • Drum, sing and dance together
  • Inspire daily routines
  • Strengthen the bond you share

Language & Literacy

  • Verbal exploration
  • Sing and vocal play
  • Storytime and finger plays
  • Imitate sounds
  • Learn simple rhymes


  • Hold and shake instruments
  • Run, jump, stop and go
  • Learn finger plays
  • Turn pages of a book