Level 1 (1-2 Year Olds)

For 1 -2 year olds, a just-right mix of early childhood language development, together time, music and movement activities!

  • Explore age-appropriate rhythm instruments (shakers, bells, drums, sticks, sandblocks and more).
  • Jump, march, twirl, tiptoe and dance around the room. We focus on your toddlers beginning movement.
  • Identify to new and familiar sounds, to build critical listening skills.
  • Practice fine motor skills by counting and wiggling fingers.
  • Begin taking turns and sharing.
  • Express emotions and enjoy imitation through play.
  • Pretend through music and object play,  encouraging imagination and creativity.
  • Dance in a group, learning social cues and building a sense of community.
  • Learn signs,  play with word patterns and label movement to support language development.
  • Build secure routines that help children thrive, and make the day go more smoothly.


Social & Emotional

  • Build special rituals
  • Practice sharing
  • Express emotions
  • Imitate and play with others
  • Participate in circle games


  • Develop routines
  • Engage curiosity and imagination
  • Identify pictures and sounds
  • Clap and tap in time to music


  • Drum, sing and dance together
  • Inspire daily routines
  • Strengthen the bond you share

Language & Literacy

  • Verbal exploration
  • Sing and vocal play
  • Storytime and finger plays
  • Imitate sounds
  • Learn simple rhymes


  • Hold and shake instruments
  • Run, jump, stop and go
  • Learn finger plays
  • Turn pages of a book