Level 3 (Preschoolers)

Using the power of music, children tap into their creative spirit and boundless energy. We develop their individual learning strengths and self-confidence so that they’ll be ready for school, and be prepared for future music lessons! What  your child will experience:

  • Build Core Skills help your child learn social and emotional skills while they practice self-control in a group environment.
  • Music Exploration promotes imagination and the natural love of music through movement activities, singing and many instruments. Children work together with early music concepts and patterns.
  • Storytelling and Literacy advances early literacy, expression, language growth and listening skills with fun activities and stories.
  • Take turns and share to build respect for peers and adults.
  • Express emotions to explore and discuss feelings through play.
  • Create new songs and pretend through music, to foster imagination and creativity.
  • Explore the voice through singing and other vocal expression.


Social & Emotional

  • Explore and discuss feelings
  • Share with others
  • Show pride in achievements
  • Contribute in group games
  • Respect others


  • Label colors and shapes
  • Identify objects
  • Repeat songs and stories
  • Participate in pretend play
  • Follow 3-step directions


  • Find and develop singing voice
  • Build vocabulary of music terms
  • Develop musical skills
  • Learn songs through repetition

Language & Literacy

  • Develop self-expression
  • Create imaginary play
  • Use voices expressively
  • Make up stories and rhymes
  • Match pitch with singing voice


  • Hop, skip and walk to music
  • Draw simple objects
  • Build with blocks
  • Play instruments with mallet
  • Jump over small objects