Foundations (Infants)

Bond through one-on-one musical playtime together with your baby, and connect with other caregivers for sharing and support!

  • Explore age-appropriate instruments and other objects.
  • Bounce, roll, rock, swing and dance to feel rhythm throughout the body.
  • Listen! We provide your baby with the opportunity to hear a variety of both live and recorded sounds, including many different musical styles and timbres.
  • Strengthen muscles through bounces, musical tummy time and varied movement activities.
  • Gain body awareness, muscle tone, calming techniques, aid digestion through infant massage, gross and fine motor play.
  • Activate baby’s voice through vocal play and singing activities.
  • Examine and read  board books and learn sign language. Stimulate baby’s interest in words and communication.
  • Dance in a circle and interact with other children and adults to learn social cues and expression in a safe, social environment.
  • Relax through activities include rocking, quiet time, bonding and bubbles.
  • Build secure routines that help your little one thrive, and make the day go more smoothly.



Social & Emotional

  • Strengthen bond
  • Cuddle, play & hum
  • Social Interaction with others
  • Side-by-side play
  • Group & circle dances


  • Brain Development
  • Locate & Respond to sounds
  • Instrument & object play
  • Learn steady beat


  • Bounce to steady beat
  • Explore instruments
  • Listen to sounds
  • Move to music

Language & Literacy

  • Develop vocalization
  • Build language skill
  • Explore sounds
  • Repeat songs
  • Learn rhymes & chants


  • Gross & fine motor skils
  • Roll & crawl independently
  • Learn to walk
  • Grasp & release objects