Level 4 (4 – 6 Year Olds)

Children may join this class at any time!  What you’ll experience in Move and Groove:

  • Singing and vocal development. Children will be guided in  developing their voice.  Age appropriate vocal technique is explored. Singing correct musical pitches is the first achievement in what we call “having a good ear.”
  • Movement. All music making is accompanied by a form of movement.That is one of the reasons music impacts brain development in the profound way that it does.  In Move and Groove, children experience movement patterns through games, through percussion instruments and through props. They will dance expressively to music, giving them the practice they need to coordinate body movements to the sound of music.
  • Focused listening. Your child will learn to identify a range of orchestra instruments and their sound qualities.  Musical cultures from around the world  inspire our classroom experiences through listening, play alongs, and backdrops to movement. Children will gain an early awareness and knowledge of composers in Western arts tradition including American jazz, and musical cultures around the world.
  • Musical instruments. The children will play all sorts of percussion and pre-keyboard instruments, with the opportunity to form beginning ensemble experiences. The concept of “families” of instruments: percussion, strings, winds and voice are learned to provide a broad foundation of music appreciation
  • Musical concepts.  Children will attain knowledge of musical structures (such as form and phrases) and expressive qualities (such as dynamics and tempo).  Your child’s command of a vocabulary to name and describe elements and qualities of music will give a new sense of confidence in his ability to understand and share music, and prepare him for applying those concepts later in more formal music lessons.
  • Reading and writing. Your child will be exposed to the basics of music notation, including rhythmic and melodic fundamentals.
  • Fun and games.  Circle dances and music games make learning enjoyable as children experience musical concepts in a social way.



Social & Emotional

  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Share ideas
  • Form a close peer group
  • Take pride in accomplishments


  • Read, write & compose music
  • Differentiate long vs. short
  • Discriminate left vs. right
  • Learn music notation & symbols
  • Discover sequential order


  • Play in ensembles
  • Explore many pre-keyboard instruments
  • Enjoy group dances
  • Develop singing voice
  • Identify music from many cultures
  • Identify musical forms

Language & Literacy

  • Verbal communication
  • Language development
  • Imitate melody and match pitch
  • Sing in several languages
  • Join in speech ensembles
  • Expand vocal range


  • Move to the beat of the music
  • Learn multi-step dances
  • Write musical notation
  • Draw and trace items
  • Play the glockenspiel